Karate Kicks

I’ve never been one to hold my tongue, Breathe in deep, And count to ten. Techniques taught to toddler tearaways, Though at seventeen I struggle. From the age of 8 Karate lessons showed that defence was my forte, Walls up, Words out. It has always been easier to fight than to listen. The daily clash …


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Cross Stitch

Some sort of attempt at spoken word, who knows. I am here, large. I grow bigger each day. I fill myself on experience. I thirst the nectar of knowledge. I stretch, swell but I do not slip. My skin becomes writhed with flavor, my tongue has tasted much more than that on the paper plate. … Continue reading Cross Stitch

A Love Letter Home

A new found love for an old friend. I seem to have grown fonder of you with each passing day. The more miles between us only strengthens my need for you. Your strong back bone of green that holds us together. The melody of your voice that croons the soft music of the mountains. The … Continue reading A Love Letter Home

+6000 Miles

So – it’s been a while and I’d apologize about that, but I would be lying if I said that I felt bad. I think spending time with actual people rather than my laptop is a good thing, but you’re free to disagree with me. I’ve been here (here being Waterford Kamhlaba, Swaziland) for just … Continue reading +6000 Miles

The Countdown

Today is like any other day. I’m sat with my laptop after an 8 hour sleep. I’ve had my breakfast. I’m home. I’m comfortable. And I’m also rather bored. But, today is also very different. In exactly a week, I will be on an airplane on the way to J’burg SA. I will not be at home. Almost … Continue reading The Countdown